The JEI Diagnostic System

JEI's comprehensive diagnostic system will analyze each student's test results and prescribe an individual study program. The individualized learning program is tailored to each student's needs and abilities, which creates an optimal educational environment. Each student learns at his or her own pace so that each new concept and skill is mastered thoroughly before progressing to the next level. With a prescriptive learning program based on each student's individual needs and abilities, academic success is all but guaranteed!

Individual Progress Prescription Report (IPPR)

For all grade levels in Math and English, JEI provides a unique and comprehensive diagnostic test. Upon taking the diagnostic test, each student will receive a detailed 2-page report, the Individual Progress Prescription Report (IPPR). The IPPR provides an accurate computer analysis which highlights both a student's strengths and areas where improvement is most needed.

View sample IPPR report:

Diagnostic Test
(Individual Progress Prescription Report)
Weekly Workbooks
Interim Test
Achievement Test
Students will study with the weekly workbook
and take the interim test at the end of each week
until the prescribed study program is completed.

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